Community Profile

Fond du Lac is located at the northeast end of Lake Athabasca. It is between the Northern Settlement of Uranium City to the west and Northern Hamlet of Stony Rapids to the east. Fond du Lac lies approximately 60 kilometres south of the Northwest Territories border and about 1,275 km northwest of Prince Albert. The band has a total land base of 36,812 hectares, including the main reserve (15,520 ha) and five parcels of reserve lands in the vicinity. The total population of Fond Du Lac Denesųłiné First Nation is about 2,300, with more than 900 living on reserve and about 1,300 to 1,400 living off reserve.

The community is isolated, with no permanent road connections to southern Saskatchewan. It is accessible by air year round, by boat in the summer and by an ice road in winter that connects it with Stony Rapids. Fond Du Lac is one of the three Denesųłiné First Nations of Prince Albert Grand Council.

Community infrastructure comprises an airstrip and terminal, band business office complex, school and teacherages, fire hall, arena, nursing station and nursing staff residence, daycare, youth and wellness center, two stores, a visitor’s lodge, a water treatment plant and various other community maintenance facilities.

Fond du Lac Reserve Lands

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Fond du Lac Map

Inset: Subdivision north of airport

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