Fond du Lac Development Corp.

The people of Fond du Lac have strong spirit of hard work, entrepreneurship and independence, which is evident in the numerous private ventures among our membership. That spirit led to the creation, in the 1980s, of the Fond du Lac Development Corp, which is the business arm of the First Nation. It was established to create revenue for the First Nation and to provide training opportunities and employment for our members.

Fond du Lac Development Corp. Manager
Tiffany Toutsaint
306-686-2102 ext. 226


Athabasca Basin Development

Athabasca Basin Development is an investment company committed to building and investing in successful businesses. The company is owned by the seven communities in the Athabasca Basin. Fond du Lac Development LP has 23% ownership. Since being established in 2002, the company has grown to include complete or partial ownership in companies providing a wide range of services.

Prince Albert Development Corp. LP

PADC works to own and operate profitable businesses that create employment for First Nations people, generate earnings for reinvestment in business and support First Nations’ quest for economic self-sufficiency. The company is owned by the 12 First Nations that belong to the Prince Albert Grand Council, but it is not part of the PAGC.

Businesses include:

  • Arctic Beverages LP
  • Synergy 5 Investments
  • Glenmore Equipment LP
  • Points North LP
  • Western First Nation Hospitality LP
  • West Wind Aviation LP

Athabasca Catering LP

Athabasca Catering is a 100% First Nations owned and operated company which provides high quality remote site catering to the mining industry. It specializes in local, First Nations and Indigenous hiring providing positive influence for regional economical impact commitments.

Northern Aviation

Northern Aviation is a partnership of Fond du Lac, Black Lake and Hatchet Lake Denesuline First Nations, which jointly own a SAAB 340A aircraft, which is leased to Transwest Air for scheduled flights into the north.

Fond du Lac Nuna

Fond du Lac Nuna is a joint venture in an ongoing project to remediate the Gunner Minesite near Uranium City until 2020.

Fond du Lac Operations

Fond du Lac Operations owns three aircraft which it leases to Transwest Air: a DHC-6 200 Twin Otter, which is mainly used for charter services out of Stony Rapids; a Beechcraft King Air 200 which is used for Medical evacuations in the north based out of LaRonge; and a Piper Chieftain PA31- 350 small passenger aircraft. The First Nation also owns and leases three buildings, including the RCMP duplex, the Air Terminal and the Northern Store. Fond du Lac First Nation has guaranteed some loans.

Fond du Lac Mineral Resources Inc. Owns shares in CanAlaska Uranium.

Waterfound LP

Fond du Lac also participates in economic development activities through 33% ownership in Waterfound Development Corp, which owns 20% of Northern Resource Trucking (NRT).

Formed in 1986, Northern Resource Trucking is a transport company that includes a large fleet of trucks and trailers including dry bulkers, propane, petroleum, sulphur, chemical, flat decks, low beds and reefers. It primarily provides transport services to Cameco, AREVA and Claude Resources mines in Northern Saskatchewan, hauling consumables, mining materials, dry or liquid bulk commodities, machinery and over-dimensional loads for the mining companies.

Providing training and employment to drivers has been an important part of the NRT culture and continues to be important to the First Nation and Metis owners of the company. NRT has maintained an excellent safety record and its drivers have the training and experience needed to provide transport services across vast and challenging terrain including gravel and ice roads.