Fire Protection

Canadian Champion Firefighters

Fond du Lac’s volunteer firefighters are the reigning champions of the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC). The six-person squad won the 2018 AFAC competition, held in Dauphin, Manitoba in August. It was the seventh time they’ve beaten the best team from every province and territory in the country. Fond du Lac has won the Provincial competitions 11 times in the 15 years since they began participating. Each time they’ve gone on to national championships held across the country, from British Columbia to New Brunswick. Fond du Lac’s volunteer firefighters bring intense focus and professionalism to practicing their skills in preparation for annual provincial competitions. They have participated since 2003 and have twice hosted the provincial contests. The volunteers train at annual spring sessions at the reserve, which are sponsored by Prince Albert Grand Council. NEW RECRUITS ARE WELCOME Volunteers in Charge are Justin Mercredi and Lonnie Augier

Fire Hall 306-686-2399
Contact Justin Mercredi at 639-317-4230

Fond du Lac owns two fire trucks and a fire hall, which are maintained by band staff.