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Reception - Douglas Pacquette

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Fond du Lac Health Centre
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Fond du Lac, Sk., S0J 0W0

Athabasca Health Authority

The Athabasca Health Authority Inc. is responsible for the delivery of comprehensive health care to the residents of the Athabasca Basin. The Authority is a non-profit corporation comprised of five members: Fond du Lac Denesuline Nation, Black Lake Denesuline Nation, the Northern Hamlet of Stony Rapids, and the Northern Settlements of Uranium City and Camsell Portage.

Professional Health Care Team

There are always two doctors in the Athabasca Basin. Four physicians share the work in rotations of two weeks in Stony Rapids and two weeks out at homes elsewhere. They attend Fond du Lac, Black Lake, and Uranium City. Fond du Lac has a doctor on site two days per week. Appointments are required.


One Nurse Practitioner, Angela Spence-Bedard, works a three-week in, one-week out rotation at Fond du Lac. As a Nurse Practitioner, she has the most advanced level of training among Registered Nurses and can work independently to assess, diagnose and manage common medical conditions, Chronic Disease Management, prescribing medications, ordering blood tests and x-rays.   There are three Primary Care Nurses with Advanced Authorized Practice (AAP) who work in Fond du Lac. They also have advanced nursing qualifications and can independently assess, diagnose and treat a more limited set of common medical conditions.

A Community Health Nurse and a Home Care Nurse provide care in specific programs.
Mike Wolfe, RN AAP is the Nurse in Charge at the Health Centre.

Health Centre
Phone 306-686-2003
Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fridays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed Weekends and Holidays

Security staff are at the Health Centre around the clock and will contact the Nurse on Call for emergencies.

Mental Health Therapy

Two Mental Health Therapists work as a team with addictions workers, the primary health care team and the school to provide a continuum of care. They partner with other agencies to ensure there are outreach programs, workshops, school presentations and evening activities.
Phone: 306-686-2150


Two Certified Addictions Workers join with the Mental Health Therapists, the primary health care team and the school to provide interrelated care and partner with other agencies to ensure there are outreach programs, workshops, school presentations and evening activities. Therapists will also provide referrals to in-patient treatment centres.

Phone 306-686-2077

Specialized Therapies

Therapists in four areas of specialization visit Fond du Lac, usually once per month. A Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Autism Therapist provide direct therapy and may provide workshops or consultations.
Phone 306-686-2003

Dental Care

Dentist Dr. Sophia Abrahim attends Fond du Lac twice per month.
Fond du Lac has a Dental Therapist for Fond du Lac who works independently, doing examinations, x-rays, treatment such as fillings and providing prevention and education. She has a school clinic where she sees school children. When school is out she sees adults or children in the health center clinic. Families with children under age five receive home visits. Therapists work with parents and caregivers to encourage good oral hygiene and decrease the use of sugars and bottle feeding to reducing dental caries (cavities). The therapist applies fluouride varnish to help keep children’s teeth strong.

Dental Therapist Rose Zinck
Dental assistant Doris Robillard
Main clinic at the Health Centre
Fr Gamache Memorial School Clinic during school hours
Phone 306-686-4816

Home Care

Home Care helps elderly people and others with mobility issues to remain living in their own homes as long as possible with the help of their families and home care workers, including nurses. The program includes foot care clinics, elders’ wellness clinics, home visits, in- home respite care, screening and medication delivery.

Home Care Coordinator- Ruby Adam
Home Care Aid - Noreen Mercredi
Phone 306-686-2356

Family Violence Outreach

Aboriginal Shields Program 
Active Women Group meets Wednesday evenings 
Tuesday After School Girls Building Relationships Group 
Worker Roberta Byhette
Phone 306-686-2003

Youth Wellness

Suicide prevention program, support group, Safe Talk workshops, Referrals. 
Worker Shaylene Martin
Phone 306-686-2003


The program screens for and manages gestational diabetes and offers weekly prenatal classes for pregnant women, who go to Prince Albert or Saskatoon for childbirth in hospital. Infant immunizations are done in the community.

Community Health Nurse Chantelle Stenne
Certified Community Health Representative Tamara Mercredi
Phone 306-686-2003

Children’s Services

Including home visits, baby-proofing the home, immunizations, children’s oral health and parenting classes. 
Contact Maryann McDonald

Medical Transportation

Call Brenda Mercredi and Shelley Mercredi to arrange medical transportation out of Fond du Lac.
Phone 306-2164

Health Promotion

Corene Martin

Indian Residential School and Day School

Caroline Isadore

Registered Dietitian

Pam Huerto
Indoor Garden coordinator

Janitor - Freda McDonald
Maintenance - Wayne Naldzil
Security – Gerald Mercredi, Eli Whitedeer, Carmen Sayazie, Lindsey Mercredi