Housing Director Mathew Yooya

There are 220 housing units in Fond du Lac, including 14 houses completed in 2017-2018 and two duplexes and two four-plexes (12 units) for a new social housing initiative. The social housing is expected to be occupied as of June 2019. These two-bedroom units are intended to address overcrowding in homes housing three generations. Single parents and young couples are the target beneficiaries of this project. Another 20 houses are in the planning stages for 2019- 2020. The existing housing stock includes 20 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) “Section 95” houses, which were built with 25-year mortgages. If residents of those houses are employed, they pay rent. Administration is working to obtain funding to develop a new 54-lot subdivision for future housing.

Each 864 square-foot, three-bedroom house costs about $165,000 to build. The average lifespan of a house in the north is 25 years. The cost of transporting building materials to the north makes home maintenance more expensive than many can afford. On average, Fond du Lac renovates five to 10 houses per year using federal funding of about $125,000. It costs about $100,000 to insure all the First Nation housing. As of March 2019, there were 63 houses in need of minor (up to $5,000) or major (up to $25,000) renovations or upgrades.

Band housing does not include residences built for use by staff of the school, health centre or RCMP, which are managed and administered by other entities.

Fond du Lac maintains waiting lists for housing. In spring 2019 there were 66 families waiting. The 12 young families slated to move into social housing by June will reduce the total to 54.

Chief and council decide which applicants will be approved for housing based on need and recommendations of the housing coordinator. The First Nation no longer has a Housing Authority because it was too costly to operate within the band’s limited housing budget.

Band Members requiring new homes or renovation must fill out a Housing or Renovation Application known as a “ Wish List.

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