Update from your Treaty 8 Board of Trustees

Posted on: 2019-04-14

After an exhaustive search, our Investment Advisors received request for proposals from a number of Asset Managers in different markets that will help the Treaty 8 Trust fund build for the long-term benefit and wealth of our First Nation. The Trustees met with a short list of Asset Managers in February 2019 and will meet with the final group in May 2019.

In the interim, through GIC investments, the Treaty 8 fund has accumulated modest interest revenues and will continue to realize these returns at fixed rates until the Trust is moved into a balance portfolio that should yield larger returns with modest market risks. With greater returns on our Trust investments, we will be in a position to consider and assess many opportunities before us over the coming years.

As you will recall, the $500 Christmas bonus together with the $100 interest bonus given earlier to our members who were of the age of majority exhausted the recent interest revenues from the Trust. Moving forward, the Trust will need time to rebuild revenues from the investments over the coming years so we are in a position to consider other new opportunities from business ventures that could yield additional wealth and employment for our First Nation, to scholarship programs that can assist with access to post-secondary education, to addressing social needs matters that could improve the quality of lives of members on and off-reserve. The Trustees will have to walk down this path very thoughtfully, carefully and diligently together with members of our First Nation, on and off-reserve and coast-to-coast.

To that end, the Trustees are planning on conducting community round table meetings in Fond du Lac, Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Edmonton with hopes of gaining a better assessment of priorities that are before our First Nation and help develop a clear vision for a path moving forward. Additional Trust investment updates will be made available at the time of these meetings as well. We are anticipating meeting dates prior to the last week in June 2019. More will follow once dates have been set.